Never, Not Ever

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Never, Not Ever

Never, not ever
That you should crave to eat any form of pork meat, as the animal was created during the time of which happened the longest rain and tidal floods in the world, in the true story of Noah's Ark.The stench that come from all the creatures onboard the ark became so unbearable that Noah pleaded for help from GOD to remove it.GOD introduce the most dirty animal on this world, named as Pig, to help clean-up all the mess on the ark and warned all humans never, ever have the craving to eat their meat.
But what is astonishingly unbelievable you see today; that most people without any guilty consciences, eat this Damned, Dirty pork meat and they even swear that pork meat is one of the delicious food of Heaven!

Easy work
You hear the familiar slogan said among a certain group of people telling each other, "Banban cho", which means, "work slowly".They understood it as a moral support to each other; to do their work slowly as they will be given money for coming to work and doing only Simple work.Whilst other people, who are different from their group, will get their money for doing All the work.
You showed how proud you are to other people to do something so simple, very slowly that cannot even be done properly or completely which in reality will only make any God very angry!!!
You Dirty the grounds with litters of burnt and unburnt prayer papers that you did not clean yourselves.You put food offerings for God on the ground when what is on the ground is a Dirty mess that is only suitable for a Dirty animal, called Pig, which will swallow anything swallowable on the ground, including shits!

More happy than...?
You make yourselves so happily intoxicated with entertainment from half-naked shows and fill your own stomachs with food and drinks whilst your statue God on the altar does not even look more happier than you.The atmosphere surrounding the statue God also does not resemble anything that of a very happy mood.Maybe because the statue God feels so sad and dissappointed that its worshippers even dare to Cheat by not burning every single piece of its prayer paper, furthermore, making the place so Dirty, right in front of its eyes!

What comes around?
People blindly joke and laugh about any bad or good examples of The One that they heard, told to warn them, with phrases like "Kan ni naya", a vulgar word, which only means that they do not really take the meaning of that examples to heart.Their attitude is just the same as those with "don't be bother" and "nobody business" kind of mentality.People who behave with this kind of behaviour, Cannot See with the Eyes of their Heart- what is dirty, what is clean, what is wrong, what is right, what is bad and what is good.This is because their heart is sick, stained by darkness disease that comes from the meat of the Damned, Dirty animal called Pig, which devour anything that is devourable on the ground including shits.So these people live their lives away, with their motto-"Just wait and see"- without any real, true meaning or purpose, useless and unworthy, taking for granted everything that GOD has created for mankind with proper due respect and appreciation.As one Wiseman Philosopher named Honourable Soh Baey Yit referred them (so be it), as those- deserving nothing better but only HELL!

The story above proves that Dirtyness will never, ever bring people to Heaven but will only make people fall into the trap, the hole of HELL, set by the wicked, heartless, scheme-ing SATAN!